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Edmonds Underwater - A resource for beach combers, bird watchers, divers, dive clubs, dive shops, and ferry goers.

EdmondsUnderwater.org is your one stop resource for scuba diving and marine information for Edmonds, WA. Extensive photo galleries are maintained for every imaginable creature in and around the Edmonds waterfront. Edmonds has been promoting safety, education, recreation, and conservation for over thirty-seven years through the marine protected area now called Bruce Higgins Underwater Trails at Brackett’s Landing. The underwater park is located a short drive north of Seattle.

News and Events

  • 35 Year Anniversary - July 7Th 2012
    Jul 05 2012 04:00 PM Come join us for the 35 year anniversary celebration!
    We'll be doing a work dive in the morning at 9am as usual, but afterwards we'll be enjoying a BBQ on the beach.

Dive Reports

  • 2014-04-27 Dive Log
    Apr 27 2014 05:28 PM Time in: 10:33AM, Dive time: 183 minutes, Max Depth: 16 feet, Minimum Temperature: 50 Deg. F, Visibility: 5 feet. Volunteer working dive. Worked on...
  • 2012-01-22 Dive Log
    Jan 24 2012 08:45 AM Time: 125 minutes Depth: 26 feet Temp: 46 degrees Today I worked on continuing the wall of rocks that Stosh had begun last winter. And that he and...
  • 2011-11 -19 Dive Log
    Nov 23 2011 11:54 AM Time: about 65 minutes Depth: 65 feet Temp: 51 Today we did a work dive at Marina Beach Park or the location of the former oil dock to locate and...
  • 2011-11-6 Dive Log
    Nov 06 2011 05:26 PM Time: 70 minutes, Temp: 51 degrees, Max Depth: 40 feet. Work with rope on the West and East Cathedrals. The visibly today may have been as as h...
  • 2010-05-23 Dive Log
    May 25 2010 07:54 PM Time in: 19:34AM, Dive time: 70 minutes, Max Depth: 35 feet, Minimum Temperature: 51 Deg. F, Visibility: 12 feet. Saw a 4'-5' Spiny Dogfish...
  • 2010-05-15 Dive Log
    May 25 2010 07:49 PM Time in: 10:37AM, Dive time: 106 minutes, Max Depth: 30 feet, Minimum Temperature: 51 Deg. F.
  • 2010-05-08 Dive Log
    May 09 2010 10:13 AM Time in: 10:20AM, Dive time: 95 minutes, Max Depth: 30 feet, Minimum Temperature: 50 Deg. F, Visibility: 10 feet.
  • 2010-05-02 Dive Log
    May 02 2010 01:16 PM Time in: 10:17AM, Dive time: 78 minutes, Max Depth: 21 feet, Minimum Temperature: 50 Deg. F, Visibility: 12 feet.

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Newest Park Feature

Bruce Higgins Underwater Trails (formely Edmonds Underwater Park) has a new feature: Lopez Pontoon
Located about 10 feet west of the old Triumph wreck and dive flag buoy. 100' long, 20' wide, 13' tall.
In 1962 this pontoon was a fender or bumper for one of the pillars of the 520 bridge. Later on it became a fender for the ferry terminal at Lopez Island. In 2007 it was decommissioned. Around that time the permit process started to sink it in the underwater park. Sinking was complete on November 4, 2009. Pictures of the feature